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Throwing Money Away

Call me a weirdo, but, every time I’m any store that sells stuff for the home, I can’t help but check the price of the trashcans. I’m not in the market for one, its just that waste receptacles of all kinds, no matter the quality, no matter the seller are in my opinion, hugely overpriced. I find it funny and kind of ironic.

It started a long time ago when I got my very first apartment. These days, I seem to have acquired a small collection. They aren’t all for trash, I have a few cool looking, small ones that I use for storage.  Today, I found a medium sized galvanized specimen for eight bucks. 

I bought it.

…i don’t need it

Maybe I’ll leave the price tag on it and display it as a conversation piece even though I’m well aware that probably the only one who finds trashcans exciting.